no deposit binary options IRVWA is now Ranked Choice Voting Washington.

The new name will reflect the more up-to-date nomenclature for this type of voting system which is "Ranked Choice Voting".

We are currently in transition with the name change so your patience is much appreciated as we update our website and its graphics as such.

Our corporate structure and our board members remain intact this is a change in name only.


IRVWA (now RCVWA) was formed in 2004 to promote Initiative 318 and to advocate for the implementation of Instant Runoff Voting in Washington statewide and locally.

In 2006 IRVWA helped the successful IRV campaign in Pierce County. The first IRV race in Washington State was run in November 2008 in Pierce County. Congratulations to the citizens of Pierce County.

In 2009-10 RCVWA will focus on encouraging the adoption of IRV in King County by the Charter Review Commission. We also will work to pass the IRV Local Option Bill in the Washington State Legislature.

binary options legal in india We hope you continue to stay engaged in the “on the ground” efforts of educating your legislators, neighbors, friends and family about the benefits of IRV. Click here to get involved in our reform movement.